Paul Noritaka Tange

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Paul Noritaka  Tange

Architect Paul Noritaka Tange

from Osaka (大阪市), Osaka (大阪府) in Japan (日本)

  • 7-15-7 Roppongi, Minato-ku Shin-Roppongi Building 9th floor Tokyo, Japan
  • Tokyo 106-0032, Japan
  • +81-3-5413-2811
  • +81-3-5413-2211


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Osaka, Osaka, Japan (日本)

Description, Philosophy, History

Architect Norihiko Tange views that “architecture is not only about designing a city or a building, but just as important is the creation of a feel-good environment for the inhabitants. Each newly designed and completed structure must become one with its surroundings and society in general. When architecture mirrors the history, regionality, and culture of the land it stands on, that is the result of the TANGE “feel-good” concept.
In today's society, perception varies and the needs of individuals are rapidly changing. Our mission is to perfectly capture those needs by creating a feel-good environment that elicits total satisfaction.
The history of Tange Associates began in the post-war period of Japan, when Kenzo Tange Studio was founded in 1946. One of the studio's first projects was the design of the Hiroshima Peace Park, to commemorate the rise of a new era of peace. After more than 60 years, the Tange legacy continues with over 350 projects in 33 countries. The firm is now headed by Paul Noritaka Tange, President and Senior Principal Architect.

Tange Associates offers a full range of architectural and urban design services, with project experience in a vast variety of sectors which include government, office and retail, residential, hotel and resort, hospital and health care, educational, cultural, sports, transportation, and production and R&D plants.


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1958 born in Tokyo.Bachelor of Arts, Harvard University, 1981Masters in Architecture, Harvard University Graduate School of Design, 1985Kenzo Tange Associates, 1985-88Research term with the Ministry of Construction, Oct 1985 - Mar 1986Director of Kenzo Tange Associates, 1987-88Executive Vice President of Kenzo Tange Associates, 1988-96President of Kenzo Tange Associates, 1996-2002President of Tange Associates, 2003